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The Bite-Sized Approach To Goal-Setting, Budgeting and Time-Planning
(even if you're not a natural bean-counter)
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What is '#goaldigger?'
A Behind The Scenes Guide of How I Plan For Success In My Business
Learn the exact system I use every year to define my goals so I actually achieve them, and then plan my time strategically (so I not only make massive gains in my business, but also allow plenty of time for my family). Get the insiders secret to making sure I'm serving my market with a full range of products that are profitable, and finally forecast the numbers in my accounting system so I can keep track of my progress.

Step-by-Step Forecasting Training For Non-Number-Nerds
This is the exact system that I've trialled, tested and proven in my own business, broken down into "human speak" to give you a clear map off the path of entrepreneurial mayhem and onto the path of clarity.

A Method For Setting Targets
Identify the crucial elements of your business you need to assess, so you not only save money, but also become more efficient. Win-win!

A Click-by-Click Guide For Staying Accountable
Learn how to monitor your results on a regular basis to make sure you're on target and kicking ass as planned.

Lifetime Access To Your Very Own Financial Sidekick At Your Call
Gain immediate access to your very own online portal filled with all the videos and cheat sheets you need, so you can work through the tutorials at your own pace. With lifetime access, you can refer to your training whenever you need guidance.
Take Control Of Your Business Today… 
Without The Overwhelm!
What could 2019 mean for your business?
You could continue doing what you’re doing now, hustling every day, unsure if you're actually creating value in your business

You could hustle even harder, and make more money, while taking more time away from your family, and still not know if you’re actually creating value in your business...

You know what I’m talking about right?

When you’re so caught up in the grind of business, it becomes a job

Before you know it, you’re snowed under in bills, customers are complaining, you're trying to wear all the hats and it starts to get tough. ..

When the bank account starts to run dry, the only solution you can think of is to work harder

Suddenly you can’t remember why you even started this business; you can’t see the forest for the trees…

You realise you have no set path or action plan to reach your destination – you’re lost without a map...

Lost in the trenches of Businessville, with no rainbow in sight...

It doesn’t need to be this hard – you can create your own map to financial success…
That’s Why I Created #goaldigger
You can stop the mindless hustle, and make sure that every action you take in your journey is one that creates value
You can become an informed business owner, who knows where they’re headed, and the exact path to get there…

And you can do all this without being a nerdy-numbers guru – because I'll be your guide…

You can start making money instead of managing it..

My map will have you taking the small business steps that lead to the destination of business success, whatever that may look like for you...

That's the beauty of it - "success" looks different to everyone, and my simple system will have you defining your own destination and planning your personal map in small steps...

I personally swear by this system, as an incredibly busy mum of seven (all under ten with no babysitter in sight). With two businesses and a shift-working hubby, I could not survive without using this process that I want to share with you...

So, what are you waiting for, let me be your guide, walk the path with me, because it’s lonely and daunting when you try and walk it alone
....I know, I’ve tried!

Be quick, I'm already prepping up to start my journey into quarter 2, you should be getting ready to do the same 😉

See You On The Other Side 
goal Setting
Feel the power of clarity as we work together (in an online non-creepy way) to set out some achievable goals.
Create an action plan with a timeframe, so you know where to focus your attention to drive your business forward.
Ditch the dreaded feeling in the bottom of your stomach when you think about your business performance.

Walk with me as we look at where we're superstars and where we may need to up our game.

Learn my secret weapon to see how my business stacks up to competitors.

How much does your product cost to create? Are there more efficient ways to create it? 

Let's unveil the key parts of business you should be measuring and tracking to create better results for you bank balance, lifestyle, staff and customers.

No more the sleepless nights anguishing over the profits (or lack thereof) in your business, as we take control and plan for coming income and expenses

Stop judging the profitability of your business by your bank balance and become an informed business owner.

 Feel the relief of making business decisions knowing exactly where your business stands.

Let me show you my process for staying accountable, meeting my goals and constantly pushing myself for the next one. 

It's time to monitor, refine and reflect (and it's also a good time for a glass of wine or a beer)!
Bonus #1
Software Training

What good is going through all these steps of setting goals if you can't track them right?

Let me show you how you can use either Xero to help track and monitor our progress on a regular basis.

I'll show you how to enter your forecasts into your reporting software, as well as walk you through the management reports I use, so you can be sure you're on track to smashing out your goals and exceeding the KPI's you've set.
Bonus #2
#goaldigger Planners

It's all good to have a set of goals and a budget to work to, but now you'll need to map out your time to efficiently acheive all those goals - without sacrafising your sanity.

Get my full suite of #goaldigger planners along with instructions, so you can plan your time and execute your new goals in the most strategic way possible.

These are the exact #planners that I use every single day to juggle seven children and two businesses.

No more entreprenurial maham, just laser-focused prioritisation that will help you juggle the pressures of business and personal life.

Bonus #3
90 Day Sprint Training

Let me show you how I integrate my goal setting and budgeting system into a 90 Day Sprint, so you'll know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

You'll be mapping out your time like a pro in no time!
With this simple yet effective system, you'll know at a glance what you can actually achieve with your time, without using guesstimations.

And the best thing is, if you see you've overshot your goal, you'll know if you need to pivot, or even take on more help.

Either way, you will be able to see where you stand, instead of flying blind.

Do NOT Go Another Day In Business Flying Blind!!!
Seriously... don't do it. 

In just days from now, you could be on your way to kicking ass in your business...

...without trialling and testing, because I've already done the hard work for you!

Why risk going another day of hustling and hoping that it will pay off, when you can follow my step-by-step training and do it right the first time? 

This plan is proven and is simple to follow...

...you just need to use my training to guide you in the right direction...

And the price shouldn't be an issue, because right now you can have "#goaldigger" at the discounted rate for just $247...
... or 3 easy payments of just $97...
Yep, just $247.
Literally, for $247, you can buy tickets to a concert and have a night out on the town, or:

You can finally know how to turn your business into the profit-generating machine you've always wanted, without draining your bank account or becoming overwhelmed and frustrated... 

You'll save countless money, time and sleepless nights by finally knowing the formula for successful goal setting and forecasting!

...and then you can go out on the town as much or as little as you like; because you'll be in control...

The choice is yours...

If you want to get started, complete the order form below to have #goaldigger on your side.

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